Wendy & Peter Pan

  • 11th - 13th April 2024
  • By Ella Hickson Director Colin Snell

“A gripping account of a ripping yarn and anyone who says otherwise should be made to walk the plank!”

Parker & Snell Company is delighted to present Wendy & Peter Pan by Ella Hickson, adapted from the novel by J.M. Barrie, and directed by Colin Snell.

Wendy is off with Peter Pan to Neverland for an awfully big adventure. She’ll have to contend with a fractious fairy called Tink, give the lost boys a run for their money, and face up to the dastardly Captain Hook and his pirate crew.

Along the way, she’ll have the chance to recover her parents’ happiness and learn what it means to grow up.


‘A magical reworking of a classic story!’

Wendy & Peter Pan is suitable for all the family.