101 Dalmatians

  • 27th - 29th October, 2016
  • By Dodie Smith Director Colin Snell

Parker & Snell Company is delighted to present The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, adapted by Glyn Robbins, directed by Colin Snell

Dodie Smith’s much loved children’s novel is brought to life on the stage, Pongo, a Dalmatian dog, his Missis and their human pets, the Dearlys, live in Splendid Comfort in London. Expecting their first litter, the nervous parents become more jittery with the arrival of obsessive fur collector Mrs Cruella de Vil, long lost school friend of Mrs Dearly.

When Missis produces fifteen puppies, Cruella is enraptured and has the Badduns kidnap the litter. Distraught, Pongo and Missis enlist support on the Twilight Barking and encounter many adventures before rescuing their own pups – and a great many more!

“…a stark good-versus-evil tale and superb children’s adventure story, a show for all the family.” Guardian